MAAPP QR Code LinkIndex Keyring

The LinkIndex Keyring is the ideal tool if you work in: Education, Health, Foster Care, Law, Nursing, Medicine, Probation, Social Work, Youth Work, Housing, Juvenile Justice and many more areas.
You will find resources for Domestic Abuse, Support for Men, Child Sexual Exploitation, FGM, Contextual Safeguarding, Crime, Knife Crime, Food banks, Parenting Support, Helplines and much more.
Designed for Professionals
The MAAPP LinkIndex Keyring was designed by professionals for professionals to give you instant access to over sixty targeted resources.
QR Code #Quicklinks are unique to MAAPP, each link has multiple resources from partner agencies and they are both educational and informative.

Use of the LinkIndex Keyring gives you easy access to targeted resources and will help you promote better outcomes for children, adults and families.


The MAAPP keyring will enhance your knowledge of existing social resources and empowers you to make direct access to those resources yourself


Who's Behind This?

The LinkIndex Keyring is the brainchild of Caroline Flynn who is an experienced Social Worker and Child Protection Chair.
Caroline has been researching resources for nearly five years and has sourced an incredible amount (around 49,000). These are all accessible on the main MAAPP website.
She has worked in many local authorities, observing the same themes that many practitioners are not aware of targeted resources both at a local or National level.

Caroline’s belief is that we really need to get smarter, and avoid delays because signposting empowers. The LinkIndex keyring, with over 60 resources, gives you immediate access to targeted resources. Signpost – scan – share and empower.


Please visit: for more information on the QR Code resource database LinkIndex  or

Please visit: for more information on MAAPP.


 (With Thanks to Rehana who is absolutely fantastic)