They are notoriously difficult to diagnose, there are 120 types and 40%of all cancers eventually spread to the brain

Brain tumours are one of the very few conditions actually becoming more prevalent than a few decades ago. I am writing this page because one of my best friends' Dad has just been diagnosed with a glioblastoma so I wanted to research the condition, its treatment and the support available to both patient and family. 

The first discovery I have made that I wish to share with you is:


Support line: 0808 800 0004  For patients and family (9 am-5 pm free from most landlines and mobiles) 


Research and clinical trials info line: 01252 749 999

This website is really comprehensive, easy to navigate, full of information ( including a jargon buster) and even has an online shop. The Brain Charity is also on Facebook and twitter so it is never too soon to become brain tumour aware.


An easy to use database of brain tumour support services, and brain tumour clinical trials. This is a brilliant resource with a hub of all the local support groups in your area. All you have to do is input your postcode. 


Tel: 01983 292 405 (24/7, 365 days a year) 


Braintrust also have a newsletter, online shop, lots of information and news. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. 


Brain tumour action provides a wide range of services and supports a wide range of activities. There is a helpline available , counselling, information, research and education. 


Tel: 0131 466 3116 ( 24 hours a day) 

There is a comprehensive list of support groups around the country as well as a private online support group for patients, family and carers. 


This page is dedicated to Ramsay Bisharah. He was ( and always will be) an amazing man who worked on so many projects including NASA.He also made me love lemons. RIP.

natalia croney