23. Nov, 2019

MAAPP LinkIndex Keyring



Resources at your fingertips!

LinkIndex uses unique QR codes to give you instant access to over 200 targeted resources and is designed for all agencies that support children, adults and families

In today’s digital age there are some fantastic resources available. But wouldn’t it be great if they were easier to find? The LinkIndex Keyring makes targeted resources more accessible by giving you instant access to them (via QR codes) on the go.

The LinkIndex Keyring is the ideal tool if you work in: Education, Health, Foster Care, Law, Nursing, Medicine, Probation, Social Work, Youth Work, Housing, Juvenile Justice and many more areas.
You will find resources for Domestic Abuse, Support for Men, Child Sexual Exploitation, FGM, Contextual Safeguarding, Crime, Knife Crime, Food banks, Parenting Support, Helplines and much more.
Please visit: https://qrcoderesources.co.uk/ for more information
LinkIndex is part of MAAPP (Multi Agency Application)and it provides an innovative and creative way of accessing resources on the go. Please visit the MAAPP website at: http://www.maapp.co.uk/