22. Nov, 2016

Pets as Therapy

For James and Lulu- Heroes!

Animal assisted therapy is a complimentary medicine intervention. Although dogs will never replace therapists, research suggests that animal therapy is beneficial in many areas. Some studies suggest that animals assist in physical health, mental health as well as literacy support.

I am certainly of the opinion that pets have some phenominally positive effects on the sick. I have certainly witnessed some life changing results from our four legged friends.

Treatment for any condition should be approached holistically so if you have a healing pet and want to get involved in pet therapy,or if you want to know more about pet therapy, please visit http:www.petsastherapy.org

There is more useful information regarding pets in earlier pages of this blog including information about pet refuge (April 2015) and becoming dog aware (June 2015). Both very worthwhile sources of information.