10. Feb, 2016

Love,life and HIV

This form can be filled in by people of all ages who would like to become members of Body & Soul.

It can also be used by clinicians, social workers, nurses, GPs and other professionals who would like to refer a patient or a client to services at Body & Soul.

In this form, we ask you to provide some basic information, but we will have the opportunity to speak in more detail during your registration meeting.

If you are referring someone else, please make sure that they are aware that you are referring them and tell them to expect a phone call from Body & Soul within the next four working days.

Phone calls from Body & Soul will always appear as “Private” or “Unknown” numbers.

Please try to answer all questions on the form provided by BODY AND SOUL. This can be found here: https://bodyandsoulcharity.org/adults/the-adult-programme/join-body-soul/ .

About Body and Soul

Body & Soul is a charity promoting the respect, dignity and wellbeing of children, teenagers, adults and families living with and affected by HIV. Our charity’s approach is grounded in responsive, expert programming with the aim of maximising choices and pathways for achievement and continuous learning in an environment of aspiration.

We believe that everyone has the right to live happily and healthily. We aim to counteract the devastation of an HIV positive diagnosis with strategies to reduce isolation and stress, improve health and wellbeing, promote active lives and create a voice for human rights.

Our centre is a safe place that helps everyday people deal with the everyday challenges that HIV sets before them and the people they love.