24. Jan, 2016

The Matthew Elvidge Trust

Matthew Elvidge was a bright, energetic and caring young man, who had everything to live for and yet, aged 23, he took his own life after a very short period of depression.

There is a lot going on with regards to raising awareness about youth depression and suicide. 

The Government has just announced a new pilot programme, which will introduce a new 'mental health champion' in 250 schools and, if successful, this will be rolled out to all schools.

The pilot schools will select a teacher, teaching assistant or nurse to act as the 'point of contact' to forge a relationship with their local NHS childrens' service, to ensure that children receive the right treatment.
This is good news, but as Nicky Morgan, Minister for Education says: 'the development of character, resilience and good mental health in vital alongside academic success in equipping young people with the skills needed to fulfil their potential'.
The Trust considers that this should be provided for all children as part of their education. Emotional wellbeing and good mental health should be at the centre of the ethos and culture of all our childrens' education. This will ensure more children fourish and fewer children need help. This can only be achieved if all teachers and staff are trained and all children are given the opportuity to:

  • learn how to keep emotionally and mentally healthy
  • understand the signs of being unwell
  • have the skills to recover and
  • build confidence to ask for help, when its needed