23. Dec, 2015

3 rings-The plug that cares about you and your independence

Simply, it reduces the worry that families have over ageing Mums & Dads and each day answers the question "Is my loved one OK today?"

The plug was designed because Steve, our Chairman, and his family had exactly that problem and were worried about their Mum, Iris.

So now each day, Steve & his family get reassurance that Iris is OK just by Iris making her morning cup of tea. Iris gets peace of mind that there is a safety net around her just in case something happens.

So if you worry about your Mum, Dad or grandparents then the 3rings plug could probably help you and give you all peace of mind each day

For more information, please visit https://www.3rings.co.uk/about/ or visit the Elderly care section for more details.