23. Dec, 2015

MoodGYM Sign up free to Self help

What is MoodGYM?

MoodGYM is a free, fun, interactive program consisting of five modules, which help you to explore:

  • Why you feel the way you do
  • Changing the way you think
  • Knowing what makes you upset
  • Assertiveness and interpersonal skills training

MoodGYM aims to:

  • Help you identify and overcome problem emotions
  • Show you how to develop good coping skills for the future so that you can enjoy good mental health

What will I get from MoodGYM?

We would like to think that by the time you finish MoodGYM you will have:

  • An understanding of how emotions arise, and how they might be modified
  • Learned how to modify your thinking so that you are less prone to get upset
  • Picked up a few hints on managing stress
  • Learned a few things about what influences self-esteem
  • Developed a better understanding of relationships and how they might be handled
  • Developed some practical ways to help you cope with difficult events

Interested in trying MoodGYM? (It's free)

Please visit: https://moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome/new/splash