6. Jul, 2015

Everyone needs a buddy

Welcome to Buddy

Buddy is a diary that you create through text messages. It helps improve the conversations between you and your clinician to assist in your recovery.

 Watch how Buddy is used in Talking Therapies

 How it works

Your clinician will sign you up to Buddy. That evening you will get a text from Buddy asking how your day was. Simply reply to the text and write about what you did and how you felt that day. You'll then rate the day with a number from 1 to 5, this comes in really handy when you look back at your entries.

 Over the next week Buddy will text you every day and by replying you'll begin to build your mood diary. At any point you can login to Buddyapp.com and see all your diary entries.

Before the next session with your clinician, Buddy will ask you to fill our a Session Plan. Here you can plan what you would like to talk about and review the week. Buddy also sends you appointment reminders, so you'll always be prepared.

Your clinician also has access to your Buddy diary, they will check it just before your next session and may use it during the session. By using Buddy your clinician will get a better understanding of your life between appointments which means together you'll be able to spot patterns and make connections between your mood and activity.

 At the end of your therapy session you can use Buddy to set goals for the coming weeks and even set text reminders to help motivate and remind you of the little things that will help in your recovery. So that's Buddy, a digital mood diary which enhances therapy sessions and supports your recovery. If you've already been signed up to Buddy you can login to see your diary entries.

 Who is it for?

Buddy is a tool for people receiving therapy. It's used to enhance the recovery from a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression and many others.

 Do I need a smartphone?

Nope. Buddy runs on good old fashioned text messages because they are cheap, discrete and easy to use.

 How much does it cost?

Buddy is free for service users, you just need to pay for the texts you send to Buddy but these are often free as part of your contract or top-up bundle.

 Is it confidential and secure?

Yes, what you write is completely confidential to you and your health professionals. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Want to know more? View our frequently asked questions or contact us contact@buddyapp.co.uk

It was useful in sessions as I was able to recall the week, whereas normally I would forget.

~ Service user, Female, 26

Buddy is currently being rolled our nationally, working with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Kent & Medway NHS Trust, West London Mental Health NHS Trust, North West Military Vereans IAPT and a number of other statutory and non-statutory providers.

Recognition, Awards & Press

  • Finalise 2012 for Innovation in Mental Health - HSJ Awards
  • Gold Award, Community & Social - The Lovie Awards
  • Published in the British Journal of Wellbeing
  • Published in the Social Work and Social Sciences Review Journal
  • Selected by National Endowment Society, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) as a radical digital public service
  • Real Business magazine 50 most exciting businesses in the UK 2011
  • Featured on BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours