29. May, 2015

Dear Diary....

IBD Journal

My Wellness Journal - Health records in your pocket

My Wellness Journal is a mobile app that allows you to safely and securely store yours and your family member’s medical information on your iOS devices. Consolidate your family’s health information, including everything from medical history and medications to diagnostic and exam files and more, in a 100 percent portable application.

My Wellness Journal makes it easy to keep track and make informed health decisions.

  • Enter health information in forms that make it simple to sort and see
  • Save notes about your doctor visits
  • Record your questions for the doctor/ nurse visit
  • Search past health care professionals by specialisation
  • Consolidate your family’s health data in one app - Easy-to-use menus to record medial history, medications, vaccinations, family history, procedures and much more
  • Integration with your calendar and contacts
  • Utilizes your camera to snap and store information and print off at a later date

My Wellness Journal – Health records then and now!


Source: www.ibdpassport.com