24. May, 2015

Kris wants you to coppa feel

I remember driving home from a night shift and listening to the radio while sat in traffic and that is where I first heard Kris' story. Believe me when I say there is not much that captivates you after a long twelve hour night shift, apart from finding your bed...that morning, Kris captivated me as I listened to her story. She is a truly amazing person and certainly not like any other 23 year old I have ever come across.

Her plight has been one of pain and a lot of frustration by the sound of things so, instead of sitting back and letting others manage what was left of a new life  full of hospital visits and drugs, which happens so often, she did the opposite, in fact she did the unthinkable.... She paid it forward and decided that she would not let anyone else suffer like she has.

Kris (at only 23) is helping you empower yourself to be well and stay well. I want you to read her story at http://coppafeel.org/kris-story/  and then I want to remind you to coppa feel!

Please have a look the Coppafeel website http://coppafeel.org/ and remember before anyone else can help you, you need to help yourself.