28. Apr, 2015

Dementia Care Matters

Dementia Care Matters

Today, I had the honour (and it really was an honour) to meet Dr David Sheard, the Founder and Chief executive of Dementia Care Matters and I wanted to share what an inspiration he is. (and it takes a lot to impress me).

He understands dementia-He REALLY comprehends dementia but not only does he grasp it-he is able to make a whole room full of clinicians identify with it. I have included a couple of videos of David talking about dementia as well as the URL for his website. There is a free membership scheme which means you will benefit from 3 newsletters, early notification of new events and training events, amongst other resources that can also be upgraded.




I am also posting this on the dementia page of this website as I think a lot more people could learn from Dr David Sheard.Please have a look at some of his videos on Youtube if you want to get a better understanding of dementia. People like David are responsible for the wave of changing attitudes towards dementia and this change is filtering up the system so I have no doubt that over the next few years, we will see improvements in dementia care.

We must all take some responsibility for making this changes possible by educating ourselves so that we can help our relatives and friends as well as ourselves and I could not think of someone more passionate and keen to share his findings than David.