3. Apr, 2015

Applicate yourself

Today, I decided to research phone applications that may be beneficial to people that are struggling and that might need some support along the way. There are so many applications out there that I figured when you really need them is probably not the time to test them so I thought I would have a look and see what I could find that might be beneficial. I have researched many apps and I have picked my top 3 apps. (This is gauged on credibility, usefulness, ease, creativity and cost-I am a believer that all genuine offers of help are free in the first instance).

  • The first application that I have found that seems of benefit is: OPTIMISM (Free)

This is a mood charting application that looks handy for people suffering with depression as well as other mental health conditions.

It measures some core data such as how much sleep you get, your general wellbeing and medication taken, just to name a few examples.

It also measures your wellbeing so looks at exercise taken, healthy meals eaten and caffeine and alcohol consumption.

It further looks at your symptoms such as anxiety, loss of interest as well as potential triggers such as lack of sleep.

It then amalgamates all this information and charts it for you so you can monitor your progress and more importantly, it builds a really good history for your GP.

  • The second app that I came accross is called: MEDISAFE MEDS AND PILL REMINDER (Free)

This is an award winning medication and drug reminder app. Not only does it alarm to remind you to take your meds but it can also allow you to help other family members remember to take their meds. This is brilliant if you are a carer for someone. From my experience, there are a number of patients that I have come accross over the years that struggle to be compliant with medication as it can become an overwhelming process or plain tedious.

It is also handy once again to show your GP or any medical professional you engage with.

  • App number 3 is HEADSPACE (free)

We all deal with stressful situations so this app is particularly useful for those that don't manage it so well. The application is based on meditation techniques that help with training your mind so that you become healthier and happier (and a lot less stressed!)

The app is free and you gain free access to 10 sessions (a total of 100 minutes) free. You can then subscribe if you wish to for a fee. Worth a try if you are struggling to gain control and I particularly like the Mini meltdown option which allows you to get some help in a hurry.