Met Police Autism Card

An alert card and passport scheme aimed at improving how police interact with people with autism is being introduced.

The new Autism Alert Cards will be carried by individuals with autism and will identify the cardholder as having an autism spectrum disorder. It will also hold basic information including the individual’s name and contact details for an appropriate adult.

The aim is for cardholders to be able to readily produce the card when they come into contact with police and provide officers and staff with the information in order to aid understanding and effective interaction.

The cards will alert officers to the fact that the individual may have difficulty with communication and exhibit unusual or unpredictable behaviour. In turn, officers will be able to make appropriate and reasonable adjustments and interact with the individual appropriately.

The card also details how autism manifests and provides practical advice for the officer involved.

The larger passports will include the same information and can be carried in bags or rucksacks for the individual to produce when required.

The scheme has been produced as a result of a collaboration between the Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and British Transport Police. It is supported by the National Police Autism Association and will be rolled out across London.

They will be distributed and made available through autistic partnership boards and local police across the capital.

It has been developed following extensive consultations with individuals with autism and their parents, the National Autistic Society, Autism Partnership Boards and other partner agencies.

John Nelson, Chair of the National Police Autism Association and a sergeant with the British Transport Police, said: "As a staff association supporting autism and neurodiversity within the police service, the NPAA is very pleased to get behind this initiative. The Tri-Force Autism Passport will help ensure that members of the autistic community receive a consistent high standard of service and are treated with understanding and respect whenever they come into contact with the police."

Detective Superintendent Helen Lyons, the Met’s lead responsible officer for Adults Neglected, Vulnerable and Abused, said: “Autism is a complex condition characterised by social and communication difficulties. Having an encounter with police – whether as a victim, someone officers are concerned for the welfare of, or as a suspect - is an unsettling encounter for anybody, but for someone with autism, it can be extremely distressing.

“It could be the confrontation with a stranger, or the idea of physical contact that triggers an adverse, nervous reaction in that person and potentially escalate the situation. Officers currently have no way of knowing whether someone has autism, a condition which may explain their behaviour.

“This card solves that problem, and will give officers the best chance to seek the appropriate assistance and support for that person.

“The Met, with City of London Police and British Transport Police, has developed this card after feedback from, and with the support of charities and other agencies who work to support people with autism. We are committed to providing the best possible service to everyone who lives, works and visits London, and these cards will further help us do this.”

Detective Constable David Jones, from the City of London Police, said: “Contact with police can be a stressful event for anybody, not least those with a developmental disability such as autism. As such, these cards are an incredibly valuable tool for officers, especially those on the frontline, to know if they’re interacting with a person with autism.

“The aim of this scheme is to allow officers to adjust their behaviour when encountering someone who carries one of these cards, making that experience easier for both the officer and the member of the public.”

Barry Boffy Head of Inclusion & Diversity at British Transport Police, said: "It's really important to us at British Transport Police that all of our neurodiversity communities have the confidence to travel on the UK's railways if they want to. The Autism Passport is a fantastic way to give people the confidence to travel, whilst also helping our officers offer the very best, and most appropriate, support to those who may need our help."

Clare Hughes, Criminal Justice Manager from the National Autistic Society, highlights: “Encounters with the police can be particularly challenging for autistic people, who often find communication difficult and can become extremely anxious in situations they don't understand - particularly if they're surrounded by noise and confusion.

“The 700,000 autistic people in the UK are subject to the law, just like everyone else, and may come into contact with the police at different points of their lives and for different reasons. We've heard awful stories of anxious behaviour being misinterpreted by emergency services and situations escalating quickly.

“Up until now, officers have had no way of knowing whether someone is autistic. By ensuring that the police have clear and tailored information about each individual's communication style, sensory issues and any particular difficulties they face. This should allow officers to adapt their communication or actions, so they can make sure they treat autistic people appropriately and with respect.

“We know that police officers want to do their best. This scheme, alongside training, should help them do that, and go a long way towards ensuring the police protect and treat autistic people fairly.”

For more information about the Autism Alert cards and how to obtain one, email:

The little book of big scans


This is the fourth edition of the little book of big scams. A brilliant resource to raise awareness of ever evolving scams that aim to rid people of their hard earned money. 

Helplines and useful information

Find hopsitals, wards and clinics pan london


This NHS site has a plethora of information on facilities available pan London.


Alcohol and drugs

Al-anon – Al-Anon provides support to anyone affected by someone else’s drinking

Alcohol Concern – National agency on alcohol misuse

Drugscope – The UK’s leading independent centre of expertise on drugs

Fast Forward – Information on drugs and alcohol education for youth

FRANK – Information, support and counselling for drug users and their families

NACOA – National Association for Children of Alcoholics

Release – A range of specialist services for professionals and the public concerning drugs and the law

She’s in Recovery – Online community for women in recovery from addiction

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Black and minority ethnic women

Please note that these links are for organisations offering services nationwide (such as helplines), or for those with extensive online information/research. For local domestic violence services please use the Domestic Abuse Directory

Domestic abuse specific

Southall Black Sisters
Domestic violence resource centre for Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean women

Hot Peach Pages
Hot Peach Pages has a directory of domestic abuse agencies world-wide

Chinese Information and Advice Centre
Provides support and information for Chinese people living in the UK. Also runs Sunflower Support Programme for children and teenagers affected by domestic violence.

Eastern European
East European Advice Centre
Advice service for Eastern Europeans. Offers English, Polish, and Russian languages, but works with most Eastern European nationals. Tel: 020 8741 1288 or

Jewish Women’s Aid
Provides refuge and/or support to Jewish women and their children affected by domestic abuse.

Muslim Community Helpline
Telephone counselling service for Muslim men and women

Nour Domestic Violence
Provides Islamic support and advice and raises awareness

Latin American
Latin American Women’s Aid
Provides nationally available services and the only refuge for Latin American women in the UK

Refugee Council
Services for refugees and asylum seekers; including children’s services, integration services and information on voluntary returns.

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Domestic abuse specific
The Hideout
Website created by Women’s Aid giving support to children and young people affected by domestic abuse

The Child Law Advice Line (CLAL)
Freephone advice line for parents, carers, children and young people on a wide range of legal issues

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the UK’s leading charity specialising in child protection

National Youth Advocacy Service
Information and advocacy service for children and young people up to 24 years.

Info for Professionals working with Children
Women’s Aid Expect Respect Education Toolkit
Consists of easy to use ‘Core’ lessons for each year group from reception to year 13 and is based on themes that have been found to be effective in tackling domestic abuse

Leeds Animation
Specialists in animated films for adults and children on social issues including domestic violence, bullying, grief and gender inequality

Migrant Children’s Project (MCP)

Aims to ensure that migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children in the UK are able to obtain the services, support and assistance to which they are legally entitled. The advice line provides advice to frontline professionals, carers, advocates and young people

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Specific to domestic abuse

Beverley Lewis House
A unique place to live for women with learning disabilities who have suffered from abuse or who are at risk of abuse.

Challenging vulnerability and sexual abuse in the lives of people with learning disabilities

Citizen’s Advice
Videos on domestic abuse in British Sign Language


British Council of Disabled People
Promote full equality and participation of disabled people in UK society

Disability Rights UK
Disabled people leading change, working to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens.

Special Needs Family Fun Special needs resources to enhance the fun and quality of family life for families with disabilities

Being the Boss Website addresses the lack of peer support available to disabled people who employ our own Personal Assistants (PAs)

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Elder Abuse

Action on Elder Abuse
Charity that aims to prevent abuse in old age
Age UK
The new name for the merged charities Help the Aged and Age Concern. Info and advice for the general public, including factsheets about elder abuse and where to get help.

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Families and parenting


The Child Law Advice Line (CLAL)
freephone advice line for parents, carers, children and young people on a wide range of legal issues

Jill Curtis ‘helpsite’ for parents and grandparents

Family Rights Group

Confidential advice to families whose children are involved with Social Services

Charity supporting for families affected by drugs and alcohol

A national network of groups offering emotional and practical support by trained volunteers to families with at least one child under the age of five years.

Parentline Plus
charity supporting parents under stress and refers to sources of local support

Special Needs Family Fun
Special needs resources for families with disabilities

Keep Your Kids Safe
Info for parents on how to protect their kids online

ERIC, the children’s continence charity
Bedwetting advice for professionals, parents, children and teenagers

Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse. Charity offering help to families after fatal domestic abuse (homicide or suicide) and near misses.

Lone Parenting

Promotes the welfare of lone parents and their children

One Space
An organisation working to improve the lives of one parent families in the UK and Europe. Find advice and information on all aspects of parenting alone, a lively online community supported by experienced single parenting specialists; low cost or free events for you and your family, plus online learning courses, including Assertiveness, Ways into Work and much more!

Single Parents UK
Advice and first-hand experience to help parents manage and enjoy life as a single parent.

Support for mums
A website where parents and parents-to-be can share their know-how, with the aim of making parents’ lives easier by pooling knowledge, experience and support.

Meet a Mum Association provide friendship and support to mothers and mothers-to-be

Match Mothers
Mothers Away From Their Children

Local network for mums with a wealth of information on being a mum or dad in your home town.

Mentoring site where users can give and receive confidential advice.

Advice and support for parents whose children have been abducted, or if they fear abduction by a former partner.

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Female genital mutilation (FGM)

World Heath Organisation (WHO)
Factsheet about FGM.

Information about FGM including where it is practiced and what the consequences are.

Basic information about FGM and what it is practiced.

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Forced marriage

Honour Network Helpline – 0800 5999 247.
Open 9:30am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
Provided by charity, Karma Nirvana


Ashiana Project
020 8539 0427


Ashiana Sheffield
0114 255 5740 (24hour helpline)


Asian Women’s Resource Centre
020 8961 6549


CHOICE Helpline
Northumbria, Cleveland and Durham Police helpline
0800 5 999 365


Freedom Charity
0845 607 0133

Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO)
0207 920 6460

Southall Black Sisters
General Enquiries: 020 8571 9595
Helpline: 020 8571 0800

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UK government info on domestic violence

Home Office
Violence against women and domestic violence page

Community legal service
Free government-funded confidential advice service

Crown Prosecution Service, Handles the prosecution of most domestic violence cases in the UK

Women’s National Commission
The official, independent, advisory body giving the views of women to the Government

House of Commons and House of Lords
Access via search page to Hansard archives of debates in Parliament, etc.

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Claiming homelessness – Under current law you can approach any Homeless Persons Unit if it is unsafe for you to remain in your home due to domestic violence. The Council is obliged to offer you temporary accommodation while they carry out their assessment or give you a decision on your application on the day. Housing law states that, ‘It is not reasonable for a person to continue to occupy accommodation if it is probable that this will lead to domestic violence or other violence’. Violence means violence or threats of violence from another person, which are likely to be carried out.

Rights of Women Guide to Domestic Violence and Homelessness
This guide sets out your housing rights if you are experiencing domestic violence and are currently living with your abuser. It also looks at the legal options which are available if you can no longer stay in your home and need to find somewhere else to live.

Housing Rights Information England and Wales
If you have arrived in the UK to join a partner who is settled here, but have to leave your home because you fear or have experienced violence from your partner, this information applies to you.

Shelter Homelessness due to domestic violence
If you have to leave your home because of threats, abuse or intimidation, there may be safe places you can go to, such as refuges and temporary housing from the council. It may also be possible to stay in your home and make it safer.

St Mungo’s
St Mungo’s offers confidential support and advice to those at risk of becoming homeless.

The UK’s largest housing charity, gives information on housing rights, homelessness and state benefits.
Your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) provides free, confidential and independent advice, including advice on housing. The website has information in Welsh, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu, as well as English, and allows you to locate your nearest CAB.
Provides housing advice to LGBT victim/survivors of domestic abuse across London

Support for homeless

Homeless UK
Homeless UK has information on over 8,000 services that can help homeless people and those at risk of homelessness.

Homelessness Act 2002
Shelter’s Homelessness Act web site.


Charity that works with families that are homeless in London.

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Immigration issues

Asylum Aid
Charity working to help those in need of asylum.

British Red Cross
Provides practical and emotional support for refugees and asylum seekers

Electronic Immigration Network
Links and advice on immigration issues.

Immigration and Work Permits Worldwide
One of the oldest and largest UK immigration consultancy firms.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Advice, publications, lobbying, courses, etc.

Life in the UK Test
Official Home Office site helping you to prepare for the Life in the UK Test that is required for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) in the UK or British citizenship

Community Legal Service
For details of Legal Aid solicitors, Citizens Advice Bureaux, law centres and independent advice centres. They can provide details of specialists in immigration law and/or family law. Tel: 0845 345 4345.

Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA)
Established to promote and improve the advising and representation of immigrants. Tel: 0207 251 8383 or email

Law Centres Federation
Free and independent legal service to people who live or work in their catchment areas. They specialise in those areas of law including welfare rights, immigration and nationality, employment rights and sex and race discrimination. Websites provides details of local law centres. Tel: 0207 387 8570 or email:

Law Society
For details of solicitors legal aid cannot be accessed. They can put you in touch with solicitors in your local area. You can also search their website for specialists in immigration law and/or family law. Tel: 0870 606 6575.

Immigration and Nationality Directorate
IND is the government department responsible for immigration. Tel: 0870 606 7766 or email:

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC),
Responsible for ensuring that all immigration advisers fulfil the requirements of good practice. There is a list of registered immigration advisers on the website. Tel: 0845 000 0046 (helpline).

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI),
Independent voluntary organisation for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. They provide free advice and casework, training courses and a range of publications.
Tel: 020 7251 8706 (Helpline – Tues and Thurs, 2pm-5pm)
or 020 7251 8708.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Voluntary organisation providing practical help and advice to people facing deportation. They provide a network for campaigns throughout the country allowing them to support each other.
Tel: 0121 554 6947 or email:

Southall Black Sisters,
SBS provides information, advice, advocacy, practical help, counselling, help and a referral service on a wide range of issues including domestic violence, immigration/asylum, housing and homelessness and matrimonial rights.

Tel: 020 8571 9595 or email:


Refugee Access, multilingual site for asylum seekers, refugees and agencies working with them in the Yorkshire and Humberside area.

Refugee Action, independent national charity that works with refugees to build new lives in the UK.

The Refugee Council, national body working for refugee rights.

UKLGIG, UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (formerly the Stonewall Immigration Group): immigration rights for same sex couples and asylum seekers.

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International organisations

The organisations listed here are just a few of many outside England that provide support and information for women around the world.

Feminist Majority Foundation – A feminist internet gateway

Hot Peach Pages – Hot Peach Pages has a directory of domestic abuse agencies world-wide

MINCAVA – Minnesota Centre Against Violence and Abuse

National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges, New Zealand – National organisation in New Zealand for 50 refuges around the country

NCADV – US National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Texas Council on Family Violence – Works to end violence against women through partnerships, advocacy and direct services

UN CEDAW – United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

WAVE – Women Against Violence Europe

Women’s Aid Organisation Malaysia – Organisation in Malaysia working to end violence against women

Hurt project – Online documentary showing videos of men, women and young people talking about domestic abuse. Based in Australia.

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Legal advice


Rights of Women
Rights of Women is committed to informing, educating and empowering women on the law and their legal rights. They  run a free telephone legal advice line for women including a sexual violence legal advice line. They produce publications – including ones on domestic violence and the law, child contact, and for those who have experienced rape or sexual assault.
‘From Report to Court’
 can be downloaded free from the website and is available in a number of languages.

National Centre for Domestic Violence
The NCDV can help you obtain an injunction to prevent further abuse from your partner. The services are free of charge, and the centre will refer you to an experienced solicitor who, if you are eligible, will arrange Community Legal Service funding, or will accept payments in stages if you have to pay your own fees.

The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL)
Provides practical support for survivors and professionals working in the field of abuse. ACAL maintains a telephone help line and web site presence to sign-post survivors of abuse to lawyers who  have the expertise and experience to assist them in obtaining the redress to which they are entitled.

Brings together information on the law and rights from a wide range of advice and information services

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Children’s Legal Centre
law and policy affecting children and young people

Community Legal Services
Provides information on legal advisors who have their quality mark, and gives advice on eligibility for CLS-funded services (civil legal aid). The CLS is part of the Legal Services Commission

Law On The Web
Legal services

The Law Society
Provides a list of solicitors in your area

Legal Services Commission
Administers the CLS and the Criminal Defence Service (replacing Legal Aid 2001)

Rape Crisis
Map and contact list of UK member groups: information, help, child abuse, legal procedures

UK Deed Poll
Information on how to change your name

Family Rights Group
advise parents whose children are involved with children’s social care services.


Divorce Aid
independent group of professionals

Divorce Online
professional site for divorce and separation issues

On Divorce
Independent, non-commercial site providing help and information for those going through divorce

Divorce Resource
lots of information about various aspects of divorce

Divorce Recovery Workshop
self help groups for people going through divorce
Inside Divorce
legal advice, help and support for divorce and marriage problems

Sharing Pensions
Site with free, independent advice on pensions after UK divorce

Wikivorce – divorce support community
Provides free information, support and advice to anyone going through divorce or separation.
Black and Minority Ethnic Groups
Southall Black Sisters
Provides advice and information on domestic violence, racial harassment, welfare and immigration, primarily for Asian, African and African-Caribbean women. Casework primarily undertaken in London Borough of Ealing, but deals with enquiries on a national basis.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Advice, publications, lobbying, courses, etc.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

Broken Rainbow
The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Domestic Violence Helpline (0300 999 5428 or call their freephone number on: 0800 999 5428) provides confidential support to all members of the LGBT communities, their family, friends, and agencies supporting them. The helpline is run by trained LGBT people and provides a space where you can talk through what is going on, and explore your options. They can:

  • provide confidential information, advice and support
  • help you create your safety plan
  • explore options around housing, legal advice, counselling and local support groups
  • tell you about your local LGBT friendly services
  • discuss the possibility of reporting to the Police

Opening times:

10am – 8pm Monday
10am – 5pm​ Tuesday
10am – 5pm Wednesday
10am – 8pm​ Thursday
1pm – 5pm Friday

1pm-5pm Tuesday is a trans specific service

0300 numbers are billed as 01 and 02 landline numbers and are usually included in contract and package minutes, 0800 numbers are free from landlines and include in some mobile provider inclusive minutes.

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
Information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people.

Another Closet
Australian website which provides information about domestic violence within gay or lesbian relationship.

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Support for male survivors of abuse

Survivors UK,
Help for men who have been sexually abused or raped

Men’s Advice Line
Provides a range of services aimed primarily at men experiencing domestic abuse from their partner.

Provides emotional support and details of counsellors and agencies throughout the UK. Their helpline number is 0208 554 9004 and their email address is

Are You Hurting the one You Love?
Booklet on male violence in gay and bisexual relationships

MASH for men who have been sexually abused
0117 907 7100:  Thursday 7 – 9 p.m.

Telephone counselling service for men who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives.  Both male and female counsellors available.

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Mental Health

The largest severe mental illness charity in the UK

One of the UK’s leading charities concerned with improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness

Information and support on mental health issues, including how to get help.

BPD World,
Committed to raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental ill health.

Personality Disorder
The National Personality Disorder Website

UK & Ireland Counselling & Psychotherapy Directory

Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse. Charity offering help to families after fatal domestic abuse (homicide or suicide) and near misses

Working Chance
Charity working with any woman who has been through the criminal justice system, helping them into work and financial independence

Self Harm
National Self Harm Network
A forum for survivors, professionals and family

Eating disorders
Anorexia Bulimia Care
ABC provides personal advice and support to anyone affected by anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and all kinds of eating distress.
Providing online interactive tools, advice and support to aid recovery from Bulimia

Beat provides helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders. If you have a link that you feel would be appropriate on this page, please contact us.

Money issues

Free, unbiased, independent service set up by government.
Money Advice Plus
Specialist debt advice for women who have been referred by a refuge or domestic violence service

Provides welfare rights support to community groups & advice centres

National Debtline
Offers information and advice on debt.  Their website has an information pack, a personal budget section, factsheets, and debt advice.  They have access to Language Line.

Debt Advice Foundation

Charity offering free, confidential support and advice to anyone worried about debt.

Department for work and pensions
Provides information on all state benefits, alphabetically, with links to the Job Centre Plus when appropriate.  You can download information leaflets and claim forms from the website.

Citizens’ Advice Bureau: Advice Guide

Online advice guide to benefits, including a section on benefits relating to domestic violence.

Advice Now
Provides information on a number of areas, including benefits, housing, employment, living together and separating.  They provide leaflets to download, and link to a wide variety of other useful websites.

Includes information on welfare benefits, childcare, the pros and cons of paid work versus voluntary work, full-time parenting or going back into education.

Confidential debt advice for women only. 
Provide advice about money issues related to housing
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Perpetrator programmes

Domestic Violence Intervention Project, Provides a violence prevention programme for men and a woman’s support service for their partners and ex-partners

Respect is a registered charity and national membership organisation promoting best practice for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services in the UK.

Supportline provides emotional support and details of counsellors and agencies throughout the UK. Their helpline number is 0208 554 9004 and their email address is

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Pet fostering


View the Links Group leaflet on Pet fostering services for families escaping domestic violence

Dogs Trust Freedom Project Greater London
Area covered: Greater London
Tel: 0800 298 9199.

Dogs Trust Freedom Project, Yorkshire
Area covered: Yorkshire
Tel: 0800 083 4322.

Paws for Kids
Area covered: Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside
Tel/Fax: 01204 698 999
The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
Area covered: Kent and Sussex
Tel: 01825 880478

Pads and Paws
Area covered: East Northamptonshire
01832 742257

Pet Retreat, RSPCA Regional Headquarters
Areas covered: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Isle of Wight.
Tel: 07715 540182

Pet Retreat, RSPCA
Areas covered: Leicestershire, Rutland and South Lincolnshire.
Tel: 07910 721797

Pet fostering, Central & North East London
Tel: 020 8805 6330

Mayhew Animal Centre
Area covered: within the M25
Pet Refuge scheme that may be able to help care for your animal if you find yourself unable to for a limited period of time. With the exception of genuine emergencies, two weeks notice must be given before the pet needs to be cared for.



Animal Samaritans Foster carers are available to provide temporary care until a suitable, permanent home can be found. (south-east London and north-west Kent)

The Cinnamon Trust provides short term care for animals belonging to elderly pet owners who are going into hospital or moving to residential accommodation where they are unable to take their pets. The Trust also provides long term care for pets whose owners have died and for terminally ill pet owners.


The Links Group is a multi-agency interest group that promotes the welfare and safety of vulnerable children, animals and adults so that they are free from violence and abuse. Members comprise of leading associations and charitable organisations. As part of The Links Group, some charities offer pet fostering services specifically for pets belonging to women fleeing from domestic violence.

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UK Police Service portal
find the police force covering your area.Police guidelines for investigating domestic abuse
PDF document produced on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) by the National Police Improving Agency.


Victim Support.
The Victim Support Witness Service will support you if you go to court, including giving you information about the court and prosecution process. If you want, they will sit with you in the waiting room and when you are called to give evidence.
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Domestic violence publishers & resources


Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Research organisation and publishers of social studies
News From Nowhere, Liverpool’s independent, not-for-profit radical & community bookshop, run by a small collective of women workers
Sage Publications Inc, International publishers of books and journals on interpersonal violence
Policy Press, Publishers of socially related resources, journal, etc
Community Care, Online copy of magazine with archives



Hot Peach Pages, Hot Peach Pages has a directory of domestic abuse agencies world-wide
Certain Curtain Theatre, Domestic violence drama available to book nationwide
Phoenix Productions, Interactive/discussion and play, You must get help, which can be booked by local groups


CWASU Child & Woman Abuse Studies Unit, a centre for independent research, evaluation, training, consultancy and networking from a feminist perspective

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Research organisation and publishers of social studies

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Relative abuse

Parentline Plus, offers help and support for parents.

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Organisations supporting survivors of sexual violence


Rape Crisis: map and contact list of UK member groups: information, help, child abuse, legal procedures

RASASC: Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

Respond: challenging vulnerability and sexual abuse in the lives of people with learning disabilities

Sapphire Project: aims to improve rape investigation and victim care within the Metropolitan Police Service.
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Paladin – Paladin assists high risk victims of stalking throughout England and Wales. A number of Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers (ISACs) ensure high risk victims of stalking are supported and that a coordinated community response is developed locally to keep victims and their children safe.

Network for Surviving Stalking (NSS) – charity dedicated to providing help, support and information for those affected by stalking and harassment.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust – provides practical support and personal safety guidance to reduce fear of crime and develops skills and strategies for keeping safe.

The National Stalking Clinic – a specialist service for the assessment and treatment of stalkers and their victims. Provides a mobile service across the UK to interested parties including the courts, Probation Service, Police, mental health trusts and Social Services.

Victim Support – helps people to cope with the effects of crime.

BBC Inside Out – basic guide to help people who are being stalked.

Alert5 – Rapid alert service via your mobile phone.


Digital Stalking: a guide to technology risks for victims – a guide launched in 2012 by Women’s Aid and the Network for Surviving Stalking.

Chatdanger – website detailing the potential dangers of interactive services such as IM, email and online games etc.

BBC Webwise – information on how to keep your family safe online.

WiredSafety – gives information about the laws regarding cyberstalking and harassment.

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Hidden Hurt – Domestic abuse site with information and support

National Association for People Abused in Childhood – Charity providing information and advice to adults who suffered abuse and/or neglect in childhood

Mens Advice Line – advice and support for men in abusive relationships

Cocoon Counselling – Online counselling service

Counselling Directory – A free and confidential way to search for a counsellor or more info on various types of abuse.

Couples Counselling Network – A national network of qualified counsellors experienced in couples counselling

 – Bristol women’s therapy centre

Women’s Therapy Centre – Psychotherapy by women, for women

Hypnotherapy Directory – Lists qualified hypnotherapists across the UK

Supportline – Offer confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults by telephone, email and post

AADFA – Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse.  Charity offering help to families after fatal domestic abuse (homicide or suicide) and near misses

One Space – parenting site for single parents.  Online groups, supported by experienced domestic abuse and parenting support workers, where single parents share solutions, challenges, joys and fears.

Horsesmouth – mentoring site where users can give and receive confidential advice. 

Vivacious Mum – online magazine aimed at empowering single mothers


Hammersmith & Fulham – Advance Advocacy Project, support and advice to survivors of domestic violence

Hull – Purple House , women’s centre provides a safe space run and offers services including a nursery, sexual health information and domestic violence support.

Lambeth – Lambeth Victim Support, Victim Support for the Lambeth area

Aylesbury – Loves Me Not, Aylesbury Domestic Violence Forum Website

Hammersmith & Fulham – Standing Together, organisation that coordinate a multi-agency partnership response to domestic violence in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. (Not a front-line service)

London – Women and Girls’ Network , charity providing support and counselling to women and girls who have experienced violence, including child sexual abuse, sexual assault, assault and domestic violence


Network for Surviving Stalking, National Registered Charity devoted to providing support to people affected by stalking
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Anti-Slavery, UK based charity which works exclusively to end slavery and related abuse.

The Truth Isn’t Sexy, campaign which aims to expose the truth between human trafficking and prostitution.

POPPY Project, provides support and housing to women who have been trafficked into prostitution.

UnseenUK: Provides female survivors of trafficking with places of safety and aftercare programmes of support.

HERA – helps formerly trafficked women regain economic independence through entrepreneurship programmes


ECPAT UK, children’s rights organisation campaigning against the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the UK.

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Women’s campaigning groups

Association of Women’s Rights in Development – Provides comprehensive information and analysis on women’s human rights and global issues

Fawcett Society – Fawcett works for change on issues at the heart of women’s daily experience – Activism, health, links to other sites

The Feminist Majority Foundation Online – Sections on women’s health, global feminism, reproductive rights, and more

National Union of Students – Students site campaigning on liberation issues

Object – Challenges the portrayal of women as sexual objects

Rights Of Women – Empowering women to access their legal rights

Sisterhood is Global Institute – Non-profit organisation promoting women’s rights through human rights projects – advocacy programmes, etc.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust – The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, a registered charity, is the leading authority on personal safety

United Nations Women – the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women

Women In Prison – A campaigning organisation providing support for women in prison

Women’s National Commission – The official, independent, advisory body giving the views of women to the Government

Zero Tolerance – Edinburgh-based charity campaigning for the prevention of male violence against women.

Global Coalition on Women and Aids – advocates for improved AIDS programming for women and girls.

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Young people

Bursting the Bubble – Website for teenagers living with family violence.

National Youth Advocacy Service – Information and advocacy service for children and young people up to 24 years.

Fast Forward – Information on drugs and alcohol education for youth.

The Hideout – Women’s Aid website for children and young people living with domestic violence.

Respect Not Fear – Website for young people about healthy relationships, with games and activities.

The Site – Support and guidance for young people throughout life.

Young Minds – mental health charity for young people.

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Post stroke help app to help you take control again

S3 Stroke Survivor Patient Care

By Melvyn Weibin

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


This is an application developed for S3 (Stroke Support Station) by Dr. Melvyn WB Zhang, Dr. Roger CM Ho & Dr. Leonard Yeo.
The aim of this application is to: 

Fixed some issues for iOS 9

iPhone Screenshot

View In iTunes
  • Free
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Updated: 20 October 2015
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 6.5 MB
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Melvyn Weibin
You must be at least 17 years old to download this application.
  • Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
  • Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



15. Feb, 2016

The BBC website geared to help people

Ask The Police

This app ( available free from the App Store) covers the frequently asked questions that police receive. It covers all forces and has an index as well as an option to ask a question. Really good. 


Everything  Arthritis Research UK do is driven by knowledge to positively impact on what matters to people with arthritis. Our long-term commitment is to: prevent the onset of arthritis develop a cure for arthritis transform the lives of those with arthritis.

 They want people with arthritis to do the things that make their lives fulfilling and meaningful manage their condition and the impact it has on their day to day lives feel that they have a voice and are being heard, understood and visible. We can't achieve all this alone. We'll work in partnership with other organisations and influence others to address what's important to people living with arthritis. Please join the fight against arthritis by telling your story and supporting our work. - See more at:

Independant Age

Main address
Independent Age
18 Avonmore Road
W14 8RR

Please call our switchboard for any general enquiries:

T 020 7605 4200
F 020 7605 4201

Our advice and information service offers expert personalised support by phone and email to almost 4,000 older people and their families each year. Our advice on social care provision includes care options and assessments, finding and paying for care, funding concerns and making a complaint

• a further 25,000 older people and their families receive information and support via our range of free publications and detailed information guides

• our skilled benefits advisers provide detailed assessments and casework support for those who need it most

• our Wise Guides offer practical information and advice for over-65s on finances, staying independent and getting the most out of later life, drawn from our indepth experience of helping thousands of older people across the UK

• our befriending services offer regular face-to-face or telephone support to those who are lonely or isolated with the help of our network of volunteers. If we don't have a volunteer available to help in your area, we will endeavour to find another organisation that can

• Our popular telephone book and discussion group, TalkTime, allows older people to enjoy a stimulating discussion with others from the comfort of their own home.










The Patient's Association

The Patients Association’s motto is ‘Listening to Patients, Speaking up for Change’. This motto is the basis on which we build all our campaigns. From the contacts we receive via our Helpline, we capture thousands of accounts each year from patients, carers, family members and friends about peoples experiences of the health and social care service. We use this knowledge to campaign for real improvements across the UK. In addition, our Helpline provides valuable signposting and information for patients and supports them as they navigate through the healthcare services.


Contact Us

Telephone Helpline: 0845 608 4455 E-mail Us Helpline: Press Office:

Address The Patients Association, PO Box 935, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 3YJ

Turning Point

Turning Point is a social enterprise, focused on improving lives and communities. Any surplus profit is used to provide the best services in the right locations for those that need most, across mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and employment.

We've been working hard to support people to turn their lives around for 50 years, with highly experienced teams providing exceptional care that delivers excellent value for money. We offer multiple services and we are experts highly skilled in helping people with the most complex needs.

Whether you come to us with drug or alcohol issues, a mental health concern, a learning disability, or if you are looking for an employment solution, we'll give you the individual support you need. By tailoring our services we can target your personal challenges and support you to get your life back on track.

We provide high quality services that focus on each and every individual - investing in the best care, for the people that need it most.

Need a question answered? Can't find it on the website or need more information?

You can call us on 020 7481 7600 (Please note that this is not a helpline)

 Or fill in our online form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise there are a number of national helplines available that you can access 24hrs a day. Details can be found here


Family Lives

Confidential helpline

Call our free and confidential helpline for support

Family Lives offers a confidential and free* helpline service (previously known as Parentline). Please call us on 0808 800 2222 for information, advice, guidance and support on any aspect of parenting and family life, including bullying. Family Lives free helpline support staff take calls from 7am – midnight, any calls during the night are answered by Samaritans. If you need to speak to someone during the night we can divert your call to the Samaritans who are available to offer emotional support.

We currently answer 76% of all callers ringing with over 63% answered first time. If you don’t get answered first time please do try again.

We will only break confidentiality if there is a life threatening situation, or a child or adult is felt to be at risk of significant harm

 * free from landlines and most mobiles



Homelessness is a complex issue-there is no single cause and no single solution.

St Mungo's Broadway:

Website: uk

Street Link:

If you wish to report yourself, or someone else sleeping rough, you can ring

Tel: 0300 500 0914 


If you are currently sleeping rough in London, Bristol or Reading where St Mungo's Broadway has outreach services, you can e-mail :

or download the app from the Apple store:



Medical Alert Jewellery

Medical Alert jewellery helps many people live their life with reduced worry. Some medical conditions mean that you need very specific information to be conveyed to the Medical team in order to receive the best treatment.  Your individual electronic emergency record together with your jewellery means that emergency responders know how to help you and how to contact our emergency team for your details and are made aware of any allergies or medical problems that could become life threatening.


Contact Us

 Office Hours:
The office opening hours are 9.30 – 4.30 Monday to Thursday and 9.30 –  1.30 on Friday.
From the UK: 0121 200 1616 
International: +44 121 200 1616                        
Postal Address:
37 Northampton Street 
B18 6DU


Medic Alert

MedicAlert can be contacted during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am-3pm. Due to limited office space we can only see visitors by appointment.

Call us on 01908 951045 within the UK or +44 (0)1908 951045 from outside the UK.


Our registered address is:

MedicAlert House
327-329 Witan Court
Upper Fourth Street
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

First Stop Care Advice

Keep updated on the discoveries I make by checking out my blog. First Stop is a great resource for older people and their families worried about housing issues.


For independent, free information and advice on housing and care services for older people, please contact our FirstStop Advice Line on 0800 377 7070, email us at, or write to us at:


EAC FirstStop Advice
3rd Floor
89 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TP


General Help



  • Independent Age:

Advice and support for older age.We provide information and a national advice service for older people, their families and carers.

Speak to one of our advisers for free and confidential advice and information

Lines are open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm

Call 0800 319 6789 or send us an email



  • Careline - Crisis Telephone Helpline

Tel: 0208 514 1177 (open Monday - Friday 10am-4pm and 7pm-10pm)

  • Silverline-Helpline for Older People

The Silver Line Helpline provides three functions to support older people:

• a sign-posting service to link them into the many, varied services that exist around the country;

• a befriending service to combat loneliness;

• a means of empowering those who may be suffering abuse and neglect, if appropriate to transfer them to specialist services to protect them from harm.

  Helpline phone number: 0800 4 70 80 90



  • Friends of the Elderly

Giving older people the opportunity to live fulfilled and respected lives.

Contact Telephone number:  020 7730 8263


City of London Social Work Emergency Duty Service

The Housing Options and Advice team initially assesses all customers who present themselves as homeless and provides advice and intervention to prevent people losing their homes. The service provides free, confidential advice on a range of housing matters if you are homeless or likely to become homeless.

Tel: 020 8356 2300 (from 6 pm)





  • London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

Tel: 0300 330 0630 (Open between 10 am and 23 pm- 365 days a year)

  • Samaritans

Tel: 08457 909090


  • Shelterline

Telephone advice and information for those with a housing problem. Call Shelter’s free housing advice helpline on:

Tel: 0808 800 4444 Shelter's helpline is open 8am–8pm on weekdays and 8am–5pm on weekends, 365 days a year)

  • Supportline (see page 78 for more info)

Supportline provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. The helpline is primarily a preventative service and aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis. It is particularly aimed at those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at risk groups and victims of any form of abuse.

Tel: 01708 765200 (hours vary so ring for details)

 email us:



  • Abuse Survivors:

This website provides information, support to those affected by abuse of any kind. Lists UK helplines.

  • Disability Law Service

Legal advice helpline for disabled people, their families and carers.

Tel: 020 7791 9800


  • Disability Rights Commission Helpline

Helpline providing information and advice for disabled people and employers about rights and duties under the Disability Discrimination Act. Can arrange legal advice, and conciliation to help resolve disputes.


Tel: 020 7250 8181

(this line  is for General Enquiries (not a helpline) and is open Mon-Fri, between 10.00 and 12.30pm and 1.30 and 4.00pm) Helplines listed below:

  • Helplines


1.       Disabled Students Helpline

Telephone: 0800 328 5050

Opening hours: Tues 11.30 – 13.30 & Thurs 13.30 – 15.30


  1. 2.       Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS)

 Contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS)

Phone: 0808 800 0082

Textphone: 0808 800 0084

There is a webcam portal for BSL users via the Royal Association for Deaf people.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays


Telephone: 0300 555 1525.

  1. 3.       Independent Living Help Line

Opening hours: Mon & Thurs 9.00 – 13.00


  1. 4.       Member Organisations Welfare Rights Advice Service

Telephone: 020 7250 8184

Opening hours: Mon to Fri; 10.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 16.00

email: at any time

  • Sudden Trauma Information Self help:

A website that covers a variety of information and advice on health, legal, international, children and financial issues.


  • National Youth Advocacy Service

Information, advice and advocacy services for children and young people up to the age of 25. Legal service for any child or young person through a network of advocates and in-house solicitors.

Tel: 0800 616101(free, 8am–8pm Mon–Fri, 10am–4pm Sat.) Helpline for children/young people.


  • Family Lives

Help and support on issues big and small to anyone caring for children, to ensure that life is better for all. Covers a vast array of issues from bedwetting to runaways, prisonners to pregnancy.


Tel: 0808 800 2222


Information about adverse psychiatric side effects of everyday medicines.


  • Refuge

Advice on dealing with domestic violence.

Tel: 0808 2000 247 (24-hour helpline)


  • Patient UK

Information on health and diseases.


  • Gamblers Anonymous


  • Vodafone disability services


Tel: 08700 733 222

  • Foundations

The National body for home improvement agency and handyperson services


Tel:  0845 864 5210

  • Stand to Reason

Social justice in mental health



  • Time to Change.

Let’s end mental discrimination.200 organisations have made the time to change pledge


  • The UK Advocacy Network (UKAN)

Promotes and campaigns for independent user led advocacy for all mental health service uers and meaningful involvement of users in all aspects of mental health service planning and delivery. Lists local services.


  • Allergy UK


Tel:  01322 619 898

  • Arthritis Care


Helpline: 0808 800 4050

  • Arthritis Research Campaign


Tel: 0870 850 5000

  • Asthma UK


Our telephone Helpline service is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The number to call is:

Tel:  0800 121 6244

  • Bladder and Bowel Foundation


Tel: 0800 011 4623

  • Cystitis & Overactive Bladder Foundation


Tel: 0121 702 0820

  • Diabetes UK


Helpline: Careline Tel: 0345 123 2399 (Mon-Fri 9 am-7 pm)

  • Epilepsy Action


Tel:0808 800 5050

  • Hearing  LINK


Tel: 0300 111 1113

Text: 07526 123 255

  • Insulin dependant diabetes Trust


Tel: 01604 622 837

  • Migraine Action


Tel: 0116 275 8317 (10 am -4 pm)

  • National Association for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease


Tel: 0845 130 2233 (info Line) Mon to Fri 13:00 – 15:30 and 18:30 - 21:00


Disability Benefits Service - 0845 130 2233( Mon to Fri: 10:00 – 13:00)

Parent to Parent Service - 0845 130 2233 ( Mon to Fri: 10:00 – 13:00)


  • Parkinson’s Disease Society

Website :

Tel: 0808 800 0303

  • Stroke Association

Website :

Tel: 0303 3033 100

  •  Speakability

For people suffering with aphasia post stroke.


Tel: 0808 808 9572 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.)

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists  (Registered charity No. 228636)

Useful information concerning all forms of mental health concerns including medication can be found on the websites of Mind and The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Readable, user friendly and evidence based information about mental health problems.



  • Macmillan Cancer Support - Macmillan Support Line --See Cancer section


Helpline: 0808 808 0000 Support Line

Description of service:

 Description of service Improves the lives of people affected by cancer. Provides practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. As well as providing help and social care professionals (Macmillan Nurses) the support provided includes Macmillan Support Line, and vital information services in hospitals, libraries and the community. Also provide benefits advice services, Macmillan Grants, and support to carers. Offers Learn Zone, a range of free learning and development opportunities for people affected by cancer, some of which may also be of relevance to health and social care professionals. Macmillan supports a huge network of self-help and support groups. There is access to a translator for anyone calling the main helpline for people needing help in other languages and additional support for the hard of hearing. Some written information available in other languages as well as braille and large print.

  Key Focus: Cancer support

Age Range: All ages

 Opening Times: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm

(Please also see the Cancer section for a lot more information)








Other Useful organisations

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB):


Your local CAB can provide information and advice in confidence or point you in the right direction. To find your nearest CAB, have a look at the website above.

 CAB offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice from over 3,500 locations. These include high streets, community centres, doctors’ surgeries, courts and prisons. Can help people resolve their problems with debt, benefits, employment, housing, discrimination, and many more issues. Advice may be given face-to-face or by telephone. Most bureaux can arrange home visits and some also provide email advice. Website facility to search for local bureaux.


Key Focus: Confidential, impartial and independent advice

Age Range: All ages

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm


Pension Service:


Tel: 08456 060 265 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)

0800 731 7339 (textphone)

The Pension Service helps with State Pension eligibility, claims and payments. They can also put you in touch with your local pension centre.



Other useful websites


This is a particularly useful site with lots of really useful information about everything from financial assistance to helpful tips and advice on daily living. 

British Lung Foundation
73-75 Goswell Road
, London 

For any enquiries, advice or support please use our online enquiry form to get in touch.

Need our help?

We offer information and support on a number of subjects including travel and transport, oxygen, equipment, welfare benefits, as well as many issues relating to over 40 lung conditions.

Get in touch

For general enquiries or to contact our head office team, please get touch.

This page is dedicated to CMB. A brilliant person. A brilliant allocator. A brilliant friend. 

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